Ellisdale takes a disciplined and methodical approach to real-estate development, mitigating any project’s inherent risk and providing clients with unrivaled support. With Ellisdale acting as a development advisor or fee developer, your project will have an experienced team of professionals on its side. This team will include architects, engineers, interior designers, cost estimators, contractors, project managers, schedulers, attorneys, banks, and real-estate brokers, bringing a full spectrum of critical perspectives to every opportunity.

Now, perhaps more than ever, it is crucial to manage risk wherever possible and to capitalize on opportunities wherever they exist in the market. Ellisdale’s expertise and vast resources enable real-estate investors, lenders, owners and users to do just that; we deliver valuable experience in transactions, entitlement, development, construction, and operations to our clientèle on every project.

One Call, Countless Solutions

Our breadth of experience is complemented by Ellisdale’s vertically integrated structure, offering a full slate of real-estate services and a team of experts from a wide cross-section of the real estate industry. In addition to our core services, Ellisdale provides lenders and owners with a clear path forward in this challenging economy, whether the need is valuation, acquisition, development, disposition, repositioning or management. Our experience spans decades and several economic cycles, so you can be sure that if you make one call about your project, it should be a call to Ellisdale Construction & Development.

A Steady Hand in Uncertain Times

Ellisdale understands both the unique challenges posed by the distress in the current market, and the regulatory limitations that lenders and owners face in working through those challenges. As an owner and operator with decades of experience, we understand the goals of ownership, and we have the creativity to think strategically with our partners to achieve those goals.

List of Development Services

  • Inception to Feasability – Creating a vision and estimating the time and resources required to bring a project to fruition with an outlined plan.
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting – Improving the financial clarity of each development project and providing the financial plan to its underlying profitability.
  • Land Acquisition – Acquiring land that suits a vision for each development.
  • Land Entitlement and Repositioning – Turning land into a striking, fully-functional opportunity.
  • Financing – Assist clients with financing, debt services and equity for a range of projects.
  • Design and Development – Working with clients to develop the unique look and functional atmosphere desired.
  • Construction – Dedicated to the completion of each and every project safely, with the highest quality, on time and within budget.
  • Asset Management – Assist in enhancing property value and maximize return to investors through innovations in the development and construction phase which streamline property management, leasing and general real-estate administration services.